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The Zadar Guided Tours Team Would Like to Mention the newest Member of our Family – 9 Month Old Eira Gray!


Zadar Guided Tours is a site created to help with your decision to visit Croatia. We provide information and interesting facts about destinations in Croatia, help with finding and booking accommodation, arrange private tourist guides in Zadar and private excursions. The site and business Zadar Guided Tours is founded by partners in life Leonina Gray and Marc Gray who share a combined passion for each other as well as their home Croatia. The team: us Leonina Gray I graduated University in Comparative literature and Croatian language and my original plan was to become a teacher. As with many plans in life they changed dramatically when I fell in love with my summer job working as a tourist guide. I love travelling and meeting new people from different cultures, exploring the world and its history, trying new recipes, enjoying every moment life offers me. I’m Croatian and have spent most of my life living in Croatia, unlike my partner Marc who has travelled the world (which makes it so hard to choose holiday destinations for us, but he seems to enjoy it here in Zadar). I’m creative and talkative, except when I don’t have my morning coffee. I love my country’s rich tapestry and when fuelled by a strong macchiato I love to share my knowledge with new and returning visitors to our shores. Coffee on an open terrace, on a sunny day – definitely the best way to start a day, and here in Zadar there are plenty of sunny days. I look forward to meeting you and explaining my love for Croatia to you soon.


Marc Gray Unlike Leonina I am relatively new (well going on 6 years now…) to Croatia but almost from the moment I arrived here I felt that I was at home. I’m a 36 year old  Scotsman, who like my ancestors before me, set out to explore the world from an early age. I’ve been privileged to visit and live in many wonderful places all of which have led me to settling down in Zadar, Croatia with my partner and our third wheel Ekko. He’s the dog but an important part of our family/team. My experience of Zadar, its friendly people, beautiful climate and rich history leads me to recommend it as a great place to visit. Zadar’s recent election for the Best European Destination 2016 leads me to believe I was right to choose Zadar as our new home. Having graduated from the University of Life I love nothing more than sharing my new found home with visitors from across the globe. I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to Croatia and my family soon.


Ekko Amstaff Hi everyone, I’m Ekko, as mum and dad have so graciously explained I’m the third wheel here at Zadar Guided Tours and the little family already mentioned. I adore getting attention and I love the beach. So when you’re tired from a day absorbing history and sunshine I’d be happy to accompany you to the pub or on moonlit walks but only if you have an adequate supply of treats.


Freya Gray Hi! My mum and dad say I’m a Viking warrior goddess but really I’m a toddler that loves climbing things and eating kinder eggs, throwing stones for my Ekko and spending time protecting my toys from my younger sister that wants to eat them. She’s devoted to trying to eat all she can find, and I’m devoted to every day asking mum and dad to buy me a bike. Maybe one day I will be your guide but until then I sure hope mum and dad take me lots of trips.

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