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Zadar private tours national parks and unique tours


Zadar Guided Tours was created to promote tourism in Croatia, mostly Zadar and the beautiful islands and national parks that surround Zadar, as we are currently living here. Zadar was declared the Best European Destination for 2016.and his fortification system dating from 16th century and built by Venetians was put under UNESCO protection in July 2017.

zadar guided tours

“Through working as a tour guide, I discovered my passion for Croatia and realized how much this wonderful country has to offer visitors. Sharing the many interesting aspects of Croatia, especially Zadar  is really satisfying.”  – Leonina Gray

Beautiful springs and autumns, snow and skiing in the winter, one of the world’s most clear and beautiful seas during the summer or if you prefer the continental part, warm summer days in the fields of Slavonia; mountains, Adriatic Sea, beautiful lakes, rivers and national parks. The continental part of Croatia and the Mediterranean’s influence along the seaside differs so much; it seems we have it all.

At  Zadar Guided Tours we have a young team of educated, enthusiastic people who love nothing more than to share our passion for Zadar, Croatia and all of its rich history and culture. We specialise in private tours from Zadar tailored by our clients wishes.

At  Zadar Guided Tours we present the beauty of Zadar, its 3000 years long history, monuments and tourist attractions. We can recommend accommodation in the local area, organize various transfers and private tours for you, provide guided excursions you simply don’t want to miss and offer reviews of clubs, pubs and restaurants you may wish to visit to enjoy Croatian hospitality.

Our aim is to provide every client with an unforgettable experience.


It is also possible to arrange a private guided tour around Zadar’s city walls, monuments or attractions, visit one or more museums of your choice; also a night tour to some of Zadar’s pubs and clubs (popularly called pub crawling). Tours can be done in English, German or Italian.


If you are interested in excursions to one of Croatia’s beautiful national parks, contact us at zadarguidedtours@gmail.com and we will provide all the info!

We’d like you to send us your stories and experiences created while visiting Zadar or Croatia. We will publish them in our blog section.

Also, if you want us to write about some particular restaurant, club or a pub so you can decide whether to treat yourself with a visit there when you arrive, we are open to your suggestions and requests.

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